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Parents Are Raising Their Children As Gender Neutral ‘Theybies’ And Will Let Them Decide Gender

More parents in the United States are bucking the traditional gender norms. Norms like playing with toys and wearing…

4 years ago

9/11 Commercial That Only Aired One Time Finally Surfaces

Events occur that makes the country shake, September 11th, 2011, is a day that cannot be forgotten by American…

4 years ago

Hidden Camera Spots Restaurant Works Spitting On Police Officers Food, Now They Paid The Price

People are keen to check out the cleanliness of a place where they are about to eat food. They…

4 years ago

President Trump Wants To Up Punishment For Flag Burners

It seems that every administration in the White House has to deal with a protest in one manner or…

4 years ago

New State Says It Will Give Illegals Drivers Licenses

Several states allow illegal or undocumented immigrants to get driver’s licenses including California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland,…

4 years ago