Chick-fil-A is well-known for providing chicken and good appetizers to its customers. The restaurant is also known to provide some Christian values to its patrons. According to the video placed on the video-sharing network, TikTok, Chick-fil-A seems to be a far cry from the wholesome and Christian values that can be found in almost every restaurant in the country. The video was placed by an employee who remains anonymous because of fear of losing their job. The video post went viral. The video footage has been viewed over 7.8 million times. There have been more than a few people who were willing to leave their opinion of what the video footage depicted. The video has caused people to question whether Chick-fil-A deserves their loyalty by continuing to eat at the restaurant or look elsewhere to fulfill their craving for chicken. In the poster of the video most people would assume the person is a disgruntled employee. The face of the employee is never shown.

The video footage shows at the end of the day an employee of Chick-fil-A dumps huge trays filled with cooked chicken into waste containers. The anonymous employee states the dumping of chicken at the end of the day is a daily routine. He states he is directed to dump chicken nuggets. Some viewers of the video stated it was necessary for Chick-fil-A to dispose of the leftover chicken because it would be unsanitary and unfit to give to anyone. The viewers believe people will become sick if they eat chicken. Other viewers felt the act of giving the food away that was meant for disposal is illegal in the foodservice industry. An experienced food handler felt Chick-fil-A acted correctly by dumping the food. There are few people also who provided instances in their work experience at different restaurants that restaurants would utilize similar methods as Chicken-Fil-A to dispose of excess food. A former employee was for Chick-fil-A trashing the chicken nuggets. There was another former employee who did mention a lot of food was thrown away. The viral video made Chick-Fil-A the center of attention and started the people to express their thoughts regarding what was shown in the video.

The video had viewers show distaste of Chicken-Fil-A’s wastefulness depicted in the video with the numerous complaints being left as comments. Most viewers were furious because of the amount of leftover food being thrown in the garbage. Plenty of people who watched the video believe the leftover food should be donated. A person expressed their thought that Jesus would not be pleased by the actions taken by Chick-Fil-A. There were a few people who suggested employees should take the food home. There were people who made the assumption that it was standard practice for employees to take the food home instead of dumping it. There were few people who watched the video who felt it was illegal for employees to take the food home. The common theme of most video viewers was to suggest giving food to the homeless or to the families who are suffering from hunger. There were plenty of viewers who opposed Chick-Fil-A being wasteful; however, there were few viewers who sided with Chick-Fil-A and felt there was nothing wrong with getting rid of the chicken. The last thing most people would ever think to do is to throw food away.