A recent guest on SiriusXM’s Just Jenny show took the opportunity to speak out against cancel culture. Sharon Stone, 63, has appeared in movies like Casino and Basic Instinct; she currently promotes her new book, The Beauty of Living Twice, on satellite radio. During an appearance on the show, Stone made it clear that she doesn’t approve of cancel culture and how it affects women in Hollywood.

Sharon Stone has become one of Hollywood’s most popular celebs, but that wasn’t always her case. Sharon Stone has always been a hit-or-miss type of celebrity, so much so that people have turned her into a meme. But despite what people think of her now, Sharon Stone is finally reclaiming herself in an amazing way. During a recent appearance on satellite radio promoting her new book, The Beauty of Living Twice, she took an opportunity to blast cancel culture. Her book gets her a chance to speak with SiriusXM’s Just Jenny show where she had some choice words for cancel culture. What is cancel culture? She explained it by saying It’s another sad example of bully behavior through social media. “You can’t really say anything anymore, because people are so quick to be negative”, she said. “If you have a flaw or if you have a wrong thought or you said something that didn’t come out right, people pounce on it. … And they want to kill you for it! And I think that is very unfair because nobody can get everything right all of the time. She says that people should instead look at someone’s good qualities. I don’t think anyone person can get everything 100 percent right, she said. So why not take what somebody does well and look at it?” The actress also talked about her new book in which she talks about her work as an astrologer.

Sharon Stone has a lot going on. She’s a proud mother to three sons, ages 10, 14, and 19. She also has an impressive career as an actress. And now she’s got a new book called The Beauty of Living Twice: A Memoir by Sharon Stone. It gets better! In her book, Sharon takes readers behind-the-scenes on some of her most famous roles—including Basic Instinct, Casino, and The Quick and The Dead. As if that weren’t enough, Sharon is currently working on an upcoming TV series called Agent X with Jeff Goldblum. Not bad for someone who will turn 64 years old next year. Don’t tell cancel culture but we think you should celebrate your birthday instead of hiding it! Stay tuned!