We all know the US has become a lot more divided over the years when it comes to politics but it’s come to a point where we can’t even wear the shirts we want in public anymore. Such is the case for Chris Pratt as the 42-year-old actor was recently spotted wearing a don’t tread on me shirt complete with an American flag in the background. While most of the people who saw it did not seem to have much of a problem with it some have claimed it is a symbol of racism aimed at the blacks who used to be slaves. The truth is most people are unaware of the real story behind this motto and how it came to be in the first place. The symbol dates back to the 1770s when the colonies were first trying to gain their new independence from Great Britain. The new design came from one of the generals who used it to depict the 13 colonies. As a native of SC, he took the flag with him when he marched.

It was soon adopted as one of many motto flags that the new continental marines had and this is when it began to take hold in Philly. This is how you know it depicted every last one of the 13 colonies and the people who wear this type of shirt often think about it when they walk around. That’s why a lot of people often wear it without having the slightest clue why a lot of people consider it to be offensive but the Navy does still permit the flag to be waved due to its historical recognition. A lot of people seem to think the shirt is racist but they may not even realize the fact that many of the people in the continental marines were in fact black. Another reason they might not get why it is not a racist symbol is due to the fact that the tea party often uses it to promote their stuff on the air. But no one actually bothered to ask him why he was wearing it in the first place which only leads to misunderstandings.

Pratt himself has always played coy when it comes to his political leanings, choosing not to affiliate with either of the major parties, but he was once spotted at an Obama campaign donor event back in 2012. He has also made a few conservative comments in the past but despite this, he prefers to take a more independent stance and not endorse any major political figures. He does identify as Christian and has said in the past he will support whichever side he sees as best. He grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis and soon rose to prominence thanks to his breakout role in the hit NBC series, parks, and rec, where he played Andy Dwyer. He has later introduced to a whole legion of fans thanks to yet another breakout role as star lord in guardians of the galaxy. He has since seen a lot of success in his career between his leading role in Jurassic World, the tomorrow war, and his continuing role in the MCU. For a while, he was homeless but has been able to come back stronger than ever.