Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world today. It is a platform where many brands and celebrities have taken advantage of to popularize themselves and interact with their audiences. Although many women try to present themselves as “Instagram models”, not many have managed to turn around things like Eleonora Bertoli. The social media sensational has so far managed to attract over one million followers on her page. This is despite the fact that she is following back less than 300 of them back. Eleonora Bertoli has made not more than 200 posts on the page. This shows you just how influential this social media personality is. She inspires thousands of people around the world with every little thing she posts.

Besides Instagram, Bertoli also has a wide social media portfolio on sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. The beautiful socialite was born during summer and never forgets to remind her followers about it. Bertoli has a lot of experience with many things in life. This is evident in the biography section of her Instagram page. She is one person who likes to influence others positively. That’s probably why she has such a huge following across her social media pages. To keep her followers engaged, Eleonora Bertolia aka Ele likes to post positive content regularly. She loves traveling to different parts of the United States and at some point, she posted pictures of herself together with a community inside the forest.

Eleonora Bertoli is a fan of nature if most of the pictures on her Instagram page are anything to go by. She never shies away from speaking her mind and whatever she loves. Her joy and inspiration come from being able to help others and put a smile on their faces. She loves traveling to Italy and spending time there. Bertoli never fails to update her followers whenever she travels and share with them anything worthwhile. Most of her pictures revolve around nature and inspirational figures. One peculiar thing about Eleonora Bertoli is her genuine love and interaction with her followers. She likes to put things as they are and to encourage her followers to be always positive. Her dressing is also inspirational in a way.

Although this Italian beauty queen likes spending most of her time outdoors with animals and the natural environment, she also doesn’t mind exploring the urban setting. If you frequently check her Instagram page, you will see her in several historical sites in Italy and the United States. Those who know Eleonora Bertoli understand her love for nature and history. She never fails to post anything that is fascinating to her and her followers. The number of her followers has continued to grow because of the way he engages with people. She likes updating her followers with any new information about her life and business. Most people love her because of the way she communicates her ideas. Eleonora has demonstrated that she is a real social media personality. There’s no doubt that her followership will continue to grow as days go by.