Many firefighters are known for having to pose in a certain way to be on a calendar but never think it will get them fired. Such is the case for 27-year-old Presley Pritchard who was fired from her job at the ever-green fire rescue after they found photos of her in a provocative position. It seems in addition to her work at the EFD, she also has a side gig as a social media influencer and this is why there are pictures of her in her gym attire as well as in a bikini. Now she is firing back at them as she claims she was fired due to sexism in the dept. In a recent statement, she made it clear that she is quite good at what she was doing and was fired solely because of the fact that she was being singled out. She filed a complaint back in January and has now opted to sue them for lost wages, time, money, and the amount of stress she has had to endure as a result of what she believes is unlawful termination.

She thinks she is entitled to these damages due to the fact that it was not fair to fire her just because of a few pictures online. It seems this is not the first time she has dealt with sexism as she has had to endure sexual misconduct a few times over the years but she always speaks up when it happens. She was also quick to point out that many of the men in the department have photos of them in front of a fire engine which does seem to hint at a double standard. While it seems to be fine for the men to do it, they all are so quick to lose their minds when she does the same thing. Most of the photos show her at the gym or standing in front of a fire truck wearing her gear. She has since gone on to say she feels she was fired due to how she looked when she was working out at the gym and it seems she is not alone.

Most of the people who have caught wind of this story agree that she should not have been fired just for trying to make some extra money on the side and think that the EFD did in fact make a mistake. She also claims that they have never once had a social media policy by which they all must abide. The department has since refuted those claims so it is not clear who is telling the truth at this point. They also claim that she was caught posting a picture of herself at one of the scenes of a fire which is a waste of the money paid by taxpayers. The claim that this violated some clause which states that no one should engage in any type of conduct that could disparage them but it’s not clear exactly what that entails. It all began when her bosses opted to take a look at her IG photos and found them to be a bit too provocative for their taste. It is not clear what will become of her but she does intend to fight it to the end.