They say the best kind of love is the type that is forbidden but one case in the great lakes region might be taking it just a bit too far. An 18-year-old just met up with her biological father after 12 years of him being gone and they now plan to marry. Sources say her dad was there for the first few years of her childhood buying her presents and the like but soon dropped off the map for more than a decade. It is not clear why he just went out of her life all of a sudden but one day, he decide to email the mother of his child. They found out they had a lot in common and this inspired him to reconnect with his daughter. She recalls that having him back in her life was nothing short of confusing and weird but it soon became clear there was more going on. Before long, she happened to notice that he was good-looking but did not think much of it at first.

She even had a flash of sanity for a second there when she realized that it was in fact her dad and not some stranger off the street but this did not last long. After she had been with him for 5 days, she came to realize she was in fact attracted to her dad. At some point, they started to talk about it and it became clear that the feeling was mutual. They did talk about whether it was morally just or not but soon threw that out the window when they started making out. They have been dating ever since and she even lost her virginity to him. She says they now have plans to marry. Of course, it is not legal for a father to marry his daughter anywhere in the good old us of a so it’s not clear how exactly they plan to pull this off. But in any case, she says it does not feel weird and has stated that to her it feels quite natural. Researchers have found that there is actually a precedent for this known as genetic sexual attraction or GSA for short.

The term was first coined back in the ’80s and refers to the sexual attraction one might feel towards a family member upon being reunited after many years apart. Scientists have found that this type of phenomenon occurs in almost half the cases they have studied over the years. The person who coined GSA first discovered it existed when she met her 26-year-old son she had put up for adoption when he was a baby. She found she was attracted to him but he was not on the same page. Scientists have found a number of explanations for GSA such as the lack of bonding when they were kids or some who feel close to them due to their blood relations. The woman’s mom was bipolar and as such, she was raised by her grandparents for all of her childhood. This is why she wasn’t able to bond with her mom. The father-daughter pairing is the least studied of all the GSA relationships and most do not report it due to fear of being viewed as a victim.