Addison Rae is one of the most popular TikTok stars on the internet. She’s the second most followed content producer on that social media platform, only behind Charlie D’Amelio. Dances and comedic clips are what she’s most known for. But, her dances and comedic clips are not what’s in everyone’s mouth lately.
Rae has a second Instagram account (@theaddisoneasterlingcloset), where she posts pictures of her outfits, either for a beach day or for a casual day, and shares with her fans. This time, one small but significant mistake she committed in recent photos has affected her reputation among her followers. After Rae posted a few bikini pictures, her fans quickly started noticing that there was something odd in the pictures. People started pointing out that she was wearing the swimwear bottom backward.

Rae didn’t know how to use the bikini’s bottom part correctly as it was ruching, and her fans were quick to note her mistake as it is visible on the back of the bikini. Still, even if she didn’t know how to wear the swimsuit properly, Rae was able to come up with a few superb shots that impressed multiple people. However, the TikTok star has been talking about how this wardrobe malfunction has affected her reputation among her fans. Although Rae continues posting content on her social media accounts (it is more frequent on her TikTok profile), she’s now moving on from being an independent entertainer on different platforms to the movie industry. Rae is already expected to be part of the cast of a new Netflix series, “He’s All That,” where she’ll co-star along with Kourtney Kardashian. Rae and the eldest Kardashian sister are good friends, as Kourtney said during an interview for Access via People. Kourtney referred to Rae as an exceptional person and mentor, as both of them work out together frequently.

Addison Rae started posting videos on her TikTok profile in 2019. She didn’t expect to go viral on the platform, but her account now has over 81 million followers. Her first video to go viral on TikTok was one with the song “Obsessed” by the pop diva Mariah Carey. Rae has two little brothers, Enzo and Lucas. She isn’t the only famous person in her family, however. Her parents signed with the same talent agency, WME. The couple has individual TikTok accounts and accumulates a large number of fans. As of 2021, she’s living in Los Angeles and after pursuing her career as a TikToker up to this point, now she wants to expand her horizons and become part of other areas of the entertainment industry. Her new project doesn’t have a release date yet, but it is expected to be announced in the following months.