There isn’t a greater love on the planet than a parent’s love for their child. Parents ought to accept their children no matter what their differences are. And that’s exactly what one dad does in a heart-melting video that showcases all that’s best in humanity. A woman named Vaness learned, at 19 weeks of pregnancy, that her child had what the doctors called “limb differences,” she was obviously concerned for the health of her little baby girl. The little girl’s dad works out of town, so he was not available to come to the ultrasound. Vaness wasn’t sure how to deliver the news. She got a call the next day after doctors were able to get a clear idea of what was going on in the ultrasound. Vaness got a lump in her throat, knowing that something was clearly wrong with baby Ivy. She was told to get her husband and visit her midwife’s office as soon as possible.

Vaness was terrified that she was going to lose her baby. It was there, alone at her midwife’s office, that she learned that not only might her baby possibly have a cleft lip, she was also missing both of her hands and forearms. The news devastated Vaness. She had always been pro-choice, but she had always also been personally opposed to getting an abortion. She loved her baby so much, but she was terrified of bringing her into the world knowing how hard life would be for her. She was absolutely broken, and she didn’t know how her husband would take the news. But she knew she had to tell him. So, even though her husband was working far away, he was still able to take time off to be there for his wife.

Vaness was afraid about how the situation would go. The doctors had been trying to convince her to expect the worst, and they even had suggested an abortion. Vaness even felt that they were trying to make her feel guilty for wanting to keep her baby. When her husband learned the news about Ivy’s missing limbs, however, he put all of the speculation to rest. He confidently reassured his wife that he would do anything, build anything, try anything to take care of the baby. He made it clear just how much he loved and wanted to keep baby Ivy. No matter what, he was going to do whatever it would take to give baby Ivy the best life possible, even if it meant giving up the rest of his life to see it through. His reassuring words to his wife put her at ease and reassured her in her own abilities to take care of the baby. Vaness would keep the baby, and the new family would survive and thrive. With her husband there, right by her side, facing all of life’s challenges, Vaness was sure that baby Ivy would be loved and protected through everything, even for all of the rest of her life.