During Lion Air’s descent into a watery grave, data saved from the flight recorder highlights something different. The recording revealed the pilot trying to understand what was behind the reason for losing altitude and falling from the sky into the sea. The pilots continue their brave fight to figure out the problem. Unfortunately, the answer didn’t come in time, but before the plane met its fate, the co-pilot uttered these final words “Allahu Akbar.” The recording left behind by the Flight Line Air Boeing shows a frenzy picture. Time ran out, even though the pilots worked as hard and fast as they could. It would seem that the Lion Air Boeing 737 Max flight was destined to crash.

Towards the end, the pilots did not give up but continued to search through the handbook seeking answers but to no avail as the plane spiraled downward into the water with deadly strength. The fate of flight Lion Air would leave 189 people dead. Since the fatal crash in October 2018, those in charge of finding answers have tried to understand what happened. When another model of the plane would go through a similar ordeal in Ethiopia, the FAA stepped in and stopped the activity of any Boeing 737 Max planes. They did this to prevent any more loss of lives because of flaws in the design. As investigators continue their search for the problem, they turn their attention to the computer being the culprit for so many deaths in the Indonesian crash. A faulty sensor-generated erroneous data, leading the plane to lose altitude and plunge to the ground. No one knows for sure if the pilots had enough training that they could have prevented the artificial intelligence from taking over and flown the plane themselves, but since they were seeking answers from the manual until their last moments it would seem they weren’t trained with the knowledge to do so. After so many months since the tragic accident, the authorities had given the voice recorder to the public. Even though many experts have discussed the topic, certain aspects, such as the official transcripts and voice files, have not been made available to the public.

Within two minutes of the new plane takeoff, a problem was reported by the first officer. The officer described it as being a flight control issue to the air traffic controller on the ground. The pilots’ goal was to keep the plane in the air and at an altitude of 5000 feet until the issue was solved. Although the problem didn’t have a name, the pilot indicated to the first officer to search for an answer on the plane handbook. Within nine minutes, the jet stalled and the plane technology system forced the nose of the plane toward a downward path. The computer mistook a stall and ignored the pilot’s efforts to gain altitude. One person stated, “the pilot and co-pilot were concerned with airspeed and elevation. That was the only thing discussed.” In their last seconds, the pilot said nothing while his first officer spoke the word, Allahu Akbar. A phrase that means God is greatest. The plane plummeted, taking 189 people to their death.