Sarah, an Australian model, wanted to meet the modeling demands, so she had to starve herself. However, staying slim after a plastic surgery caused her pain and insecurity.

Sarah started her modeling business when she was young; she shot the Billabong swimwear ad when she was just 15 years old. Before this, while growing up, she was a tomboy. She spent most of her time indoors and riding horses alongside studying. She succeeded in this. Following her hard work and determination, Sarah got a scholarship where she could study Applied Sciences. Uniquely, during this time, she did not have an idea of becoming a model. However, she was New Zealand’s influencer on social media platforms. Currently, Sarah has over 2.2 million followers on Instagram.

Sarah points out that changes in her diet led to weight fluctuations that resulted in constriction of her tissue. This made it the tissue to move upwards, and then it herniated. She had the fear that the tissue might be as a result of cancer. Alongside this, Sarah was in pain and fear. She had emergency surgery a few days before her photo shoot. The surgery involved the removal of the lump. This was because she could not turn up for a shoot with one lump for consistency. Sarah understood that the surgery was to be done, and it was supposed to be done fast. This made her make a quick decision without considering the consequences of the surgery.

She had no time to research the probable consequences and the procedure for the surgery. After the surgery, Sarah says that she is living in regret. Sarah was originally in C-cups, but she went to DD cups following cosmetic surgery. Sarah states that the implants have had adverse effects on her life, terming it ruin her life. She has to put on her clothes in public to cover them. This has made her paranoid about herself though she is happy the lump was removed. The doctors did not measure her chest, implying that the implants are large for her chest plate. This makes her press down herself. The implants have also affected Sarah’s career. She points out that she is currently doing commercial modeling compared to glamour modeling, which she used to do.

To perform commercial modeling, she needs to strap herself down using masking tape. This is due to her discomfort. Sarah has stopped going for shoots in the present time. Despite her fears and pain, Sarah is planning to go for another operation. She desires to get back her natural look. Sarah shares her story to let others learn and avoid making such mistakes when undertaking surgery. She never considered the results of the surgery.