Although not all models are rich and famous, some, like Anne V., are worth millions. But this still didn’t stop Anne from collecting unemployment benefits. Besides this, she claims the pandemic took its toll on her paycheck, and she wants her baby’s father to pay more child support. In the not-so-distant past, Anne Vyalitsyna was a popular Russian-American model. Indeed, a few years ago, she graced the cover of Sports Illustrated for ten years consecutively. Now she has $2.6 million in savings and a $2.9 million Manhattan apartment and wants to continue receiving unemployment benefits. Most people would see this as wrong since the government would only be supporting her costly lifestyle.

Besides this, Anne wants extra money in the form of child support from her former fiance. She claims he should be paying her $8500 each month since the pandemic hit everyone hard. For this reason, her income was lower than it should have been. Furthermore, she would like to use the money to hire a nanny so she can go back to work. According to her court filing, her monthly expenses are $40,284 per month. Additionally, her daughter attends Avenues: The World School which costs Anne V. $5,000 per month. In 2020, she had 17 paying jobs in total, and she only made money from half of these. In contrast to Anne’s wealth, Cahan did earn about $25 million while working at Yahoo for six years. She says former Yahoo senior vice-president Adam Cahan, her daughter’s father, won’t pay her child support when she asks for it.

Even though Anne was likely affected by the pandemic, she still has millions in her savings. This makes plenty of people speculate on whether she deserves to receive unemployment benefits and child support. After all, while she lives a luxurious lifestyle in her Manhattan apartment and her daughter attends a lavish school, other people aren’t so fortunate. In fact, some don’t have houses to live in or even enough food to eat. This fact makes Anne seem a little too fortunate to be receiving money from the U.S. government. An even fairer alternative to taking this money is getting a part-time job to pay her monthly expenses like every other honest, hard-working American citizen. While Ann V. may appear to have loads of cash, especially since she lives in a $2.9 apartment, she might be worse off than anyone knows. For instance, maybe maintaining her lavish lifestyle is just too much for her to handle. Alternatively, she might be stealing money from the government that could be going to people who need it more than she does.