Getting the “perfect shot” during a swim in the Bahamas went horribly wrong for 19-year-old Katrina Zarutskie. While vacationing in the Bahamas, the Instagram model decided to go for a swim in a picturesque setting for her almost 30,000 viewers.

A group of nursing sharks swimming around and below Katrina Zarutskie in the water made the photoshoot very dramatic. While posing for one of her shots, the photoshoot took a terrible turn.

The pohtoshoot started with Zarutskie standing in a pool of shallow water with the sharks all around her. Her first picture was taken successfully as she held her hands above her head while she stood among the sharks. For her second shot, Zarutskie floated on her back on the water with her arms stretched out to her sides for another breath-taking shot.

A calm swim and photoshoot in the water of the Bahamas suddenly took a more dramatic turn. Immediately after the second photo was snapped, one of the nursing sharks rose to the surface of the water and bit Zarutskie on her left wrist.

Panic ensued after the bite, though Zarutskie remained calm enough to go into survival mode. She immediately stood up, raised her wrist above her head, and applied pressure to stop the blood flow from the open wound. Her quick thinking stopped the blood from flowing into the water with the large group of sharks circling around her. Zarutskie hurriedly made her way to a ladder in order to climb out of the warm Bahama water. She was out of the water in a few seconds, and safely out of the reach of the group of sharks.

Had Zarutskie not acted as quickly as she had, her stunning photoshoot could have drastically gone wrong. A small tear on the skin on her left wrist was the only wound suffered by the model. She credits her alertness and adrenaline for her quick action to remove herself from the peril she was in after the shark bite. Aside from being scolded from local officials for her decision to perform a photoshoot with a group of sharks, Zarutskie escaped mostly unharmed from the event. A scratch on her wrist was the only lasting evidence from the photoshoot mishap. The experience has prompted the model to avoid such dramatic dangerous photoshoots in the future, at least not in the near future.

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She intends to stick with posing for photos on the land to limit the dangers involved with photoshoot production. All in all, the model and her photography crew ended up with several great photos of Karutskie swimming with the sharks in the perfect blue waters of the Bahamas. Some of her viewers have expressed their concerns with her swimming with the sharks, and her responses to those viewers, along with her previous decision to stick to land-based photoshoots shows that she takes the shark bite incident seriously.

Though that eventful photoshoot and the defining images taken emerged from it have driven Karutskie’s Instagram brand, she is now focused on preserving her health, and not trying to seek out the “perfect shot”. Putting her life above her social media popularity is a focus that now drives her work.