The life of being a professional hairdresser can be a significant challenge. You have to move continually all day and work to meet all the needs of your client. Eventually, such continual movements can take a toll on your feet, and it’s challenging to find the right solution. However, one TikTok member from Austin, Texas, recently showed how to avoid such foot issues after all-day work. The video’s title was “The Secret I Use to Wear High Heels for Over 6 Hours.” In the video, she goes in-depth into the specific technique she uses daily to withstand the pressure of using such shoes for long hours. According to ChristyClips from TikTok, the method involves using a Pain-Relieving foot spray. The spray contains specialized chemicals that help target sores, blisters, and more due to footwear. While she mentions Aspercreme as the best solution for this process, she also notes that any pain-relieving spray should work. According to @ChristyClips, the spray works by inhibiting any pain from wearing high heels for long durations.

The spray works “magic,” according to Christyclips, and it’s the reason why many people are in awe of her prowess. She can stand on her feet for hours at a time, which helps boost her image as a professional hairdresser. After posting the clip, hundreds of social media users and TikTok viewers flocked to her profile, searching for information. Most of her viewers were ladies who have struggled with uncomfortable or small footwear in the past. According to Christyclips, “Each pair of luxury footwear should be available with a can of Aspercreme Pain Reliever.” This hidden gem is a powerful resource for almost all pain issues due to footwear. It contains proprietary chemicals, which researchers have shown to manage pain occurring in the body effectively. The solution she gave to the millions of TikTok viewers was so effective that most said they would use it daily. For instance, one user in the comments sections mentioned, “I will be buying this product; I am tired of the discomfort my heels create every day.” However, as with all other viral posts on social media, critiques quickly questioned this pain relief technique. Some of them showed concern about using this type of chemical spray on their feet every day. One user mentioned, “The pain-relieving spray only eliminates the symptom and the cause. I don’t recommend using this every day as it can lead to further foot damage.” The criticism also extended to platforms such as the Daily Mail, where many users flagged its drawbacks.


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One use on the daily mail provided an exciting alternative for users who wanted to use the spray. She said, “Instead of using the spray, consider investing in flats, as these are more comfortable, and you can wear them around your work area for several hours.” Regardless of the critiques that this approach has received, it’s clear that @ChristyClips has discovered a powerful technique. While most opponents of this technique cite its long-term side effects, it works well for people who have to wear heels. The method is popular because many ladies, such as those who work as supermodels or even actors, wear heels. With the Aspercreme Pain Reliever, wearing such footwear becomes manageable. However, using it as a long-term solution is not ideal, as it only addresses the symptoms.