A fad has taken to online social media, Photoshoots in an area ravaged by a natural disaster. The trend of Models posting photos of themselves in storm damaged areas is not a new thing, but with many more people online and part of the many social media sites, photoshoots are getting much more attention. Many say that it is insensitive and rude that the models are choosing the locations that their recent photoshoots were done.

Captions on many of the photos appearing are wishing the people of that area “Good Vibes” and well being. Instagram model Kara Del Toro has been the brunt of many critics for her photoshoot in the Turks and Caico. Category 5 Hurricane Irma was responsible for billions in damage.
Model Lana Alexandra has drawn controversy over her photoshoot in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico was recently hit by Hurricane Maria which caused over ninety-one Billion dollars in damage. Hurricane Maria is being called one of the worst storms in recent history.
One of the negative comments made, “Millions in the path of a hurricane with their property and lives at stake and your thought is to post this?”. Some other comments made suggested that they not use their time for vacations and actually lend a hand.
Alexandra had posted a comment in return stating “Posting a photo in a bikini doesn’t make you a heartless person”.

In response to a comment made to one of her photos, “seemingly enjoying yourself when all around you is destruction and sorrow”, Del Toro commented that where she lives in southern Texas, her home and family property were recently destroyed by a hurricane as well.
Del Toro goes on the explain that she is an advocate for the rights of those affected by a natural disaster like a Hurricane. She feels that when people are confronted by the horror of extreme weather, they deserve a small “bright spot” which she provides with her photos.

She goes on to say that she has over half a million followers on social media site Instagram and that she encourages all of them to donate money that goes to the families in the ravaged area to help with rebuilding. Many even are arguing this saying that she is being crass and doesn’t sound entirely genuine. Many believe she is just trying to make excuses to justify the locations she chooses for her shoots and that she does not care about the people left homeless. Whether the models in these shoots are doing what they do for the benefit of the people in the ravaged areas or not. The rays of hope in the photos, that show the beauty of the areas hit hard, are there to show the people that live there that not all is lost and everything will be fine.