As the world starts to open back up, a lot of the restaurants are doing what they have to in an effort to survive but some think one restaurant in Dover, New Hampshire might have taken it a bit too far. Newick’s lobster house has recently put up a sign to deal with some customers who might not be as inclined as others to behave in a civilized way when in their restaurant. The sign clearly states that if you feel the need to mistreat any of the workers there, they should just ask for the owner, Steve Newick, who will then ask them to leave & never return. In a recent statement, he said that the first night the sign went up, he was forced to ask several people to vacate the premises. He recognizes the fact that it might not the best business model but the fact remains they are short-staffed at the moment & the staff they do have are doing their best to ensure each customer gets the best service possible.

As such, he says none of them deserve to be yelled or screamed at by petulant customers unwilling to act their own age. They even had to take some items off the menu due to the fact that they don’t have as big staff as they used to but they are still trying to make the best of a bad situation. He told reporters that it was time for him to speak out & let people know that no one deserves to be treated with such disrespect when they are simply trying to do their jobs. While some have taken umbrage to this new policy, most of their customers have said they do approve of the sign & hope it will get people to act in a manner more befitting of a civilized society. Steve noted that these kinds of people are just looking for someone that they can bully & that kind of behavior is not going to fly in their establishment. He is well aware of the fact that as long as covid rages on, he will need to rely on the support of his customers to keep them afloat for many years to come.

Customers are expected to be patient when they are waiting on their food & anyone who refuses to do so will be escorted off of the property. Unfortunately, this is not a new anomaly; small businesses around the country are being forced to deal with lots of rowdy customers & staff shortages as many restaurants across the nation are doing their best to bounce back from a recession that hit them really hard. Despite their best efforts to hire as many new staff members as they can, they have not had as much success with this as they hoped for. In addition to that, they have also been forced to deal with higher prices for lobsters, clams & other seafood as a result of the pandemic. Despite this, they are doing their best to give the customers the food that they most want to eat at the end of the day. He hopes that they will be able to get back on track as he looks to the near future of Newick’s Lobster House in Dover.