The leader of the teacher’s union believes learning about BLM is more important than re-phrasing rath. Throughout the pandemic, she has fought for teachers. She has advocated for keeping classrooms closed amid the rising number of COVID-19 cases leading into the 2021-2022 school year and has also suggested that Zoom classes should be limited to four hours per day. Although most experts agree that students miss out on learning opportunities because of the pandemic, Myart-Cruz insists that students have not missed out on their education. She believes they can learn about Black Lives Matter in place of math lessons and claims it is more important than re-phrasing math lessons. However, most people disagree with her stance that Black Lives Matter is more important than re-writing math lessons for teachers to deliver in schools during the pandemic. They believe that students should spend their days learning and re-learning math and only spend a fraction of their day learning about Black Lives Matter.

If schools were open, students would have to spend their days in school learning math. Why not spend the time learning about BLM? BLM is a major issue that many people care about and could affect you in the future. Math won’t benefit you much in your lifetime. Only a few people can use high-level math skills in real life, even fewer than the number of people that will be affected by Black Lives Matter, at least according to her, so why not spend time learning about BLM? Parents argue that kids need to learn and re-learn basic math skills. During the pandemic, they should not be learning about Black Lives Matter instead of their regular lessons in school. They also believe that teaching students about BLM at this time could actually do more damage than good because it is such a controversial topic right now as people are still so divided on what exactly BLM means and how it affects everyone around us today. This has caused many parents to pull their children out of schools for homeschooling or send them to other private institutions where there isn’t an outbreak within classrooms or hallways, with COVID-19 cases constantly increasing in the 2021/2022 school year.

Many people agree that the pandemic is having a major impact on students’ learning and those who are still attending classes during this time. Still, it’s important to know what BLM means before teaching kids about it in place of math lessons because they could do more harm than good by spreading misinformation at such a young age when their minds are developing so rapidly, and that teachers and other adults should spend time teaching them math instead of Black Lives Matter during the pandemic, especially when they can just learn about more important issues once the pandemic has ended. I completely agree with Myart-Cruz. I think it’s important for students to learn about BLM because if they haven’t researched it yet, they will be affected by what is happening around them as this virus gets worse leading into the 2021-2022 school year. Their lives will be changed forever, so they should be made aware of what’s going on instead of hiding the truth from them. People are also claiming that learning about BLM could potentially cause more issues than good. After all, students won’t have a solid base to lean on if/when it comes time for them to learn about this topic in greater detail, but I think there are other ways around this issue because kids are smart and can research and gather information outside of their classrooms.