Kayla Simmons is both an athlete and a model. While she was in high school, most of her time was spent on showing prowess in both athletics and academics. She was a cheerleader whose high school squad won national championships three different times. She also has a love for Volleyball. It was Volleyball that enabled her to attend college. She went to Marshall University. She became their Volleyball team’s captain. She received many praises and awards for her achievements on the Volleyball court.

She also studied the field of broadcasting journalism while she was at Marshall. While she was attending classes and playing Volleyball for Marshall, she realized that she was very attractive. She began posting pictures that made people take notice of her. She ended up becoming a model.

When she became a model, that opened up new career possibilities for her. She decided not to pursue broadcasting. She decided that she would become a business professional. Her Volleyball achievements helped to promote her, and modeling agencies were very aware of her looks and the fact that people knew who she was. She had name recognition and looks. She began to concentrate her efforts on marketing. Her modeling led her to make partnerships with many companies. This caused her to become more creative. She models swimsuits. She models formal attire as well. She also models other things.

She has worked for modeling agencies all over Florida. She now lives in Gainesville, where she can be seen wearing Gator blue and green. With Florida as her home, her modeling often features beach shots and shots of her on the water. She has action-based pictures that can be seen all over her Instagram pages. She can also be seen all over YouTube and Twitter. She has more than 400,000 fans on Instagram alone. Many of her fans have created pages dedicated to her. This is especially true of her fans in Florida and the Carolinas. Being an athlete, she is quite fit. She posts about nutritional items that she has obtained.

She trains as though she was still getting ready for the next season of Volleyball. Even though she does that, she has ideals that end up giving her even more attention. She interacts with her fans. She allows them to get a peek at her daily life. She’s never afraid to make comments that she knows will elicit a response. She makes sure that she often refers to her love for her family and friends. Kayla Simmons is a good looking athlete who has a down-home image. She went to college with the idea that she would write about and follow the careers of other athletes. She decided not to do that. She became a model instead. She also became a businesswoman who is a star on the Internet with a huge Instagram following.