Tony Bennett, a 94-year old legendary singer, revealed that he has been suffering from a terrible disease for years. Although he did not want people to know about his condition, he talked about it in a recent interview with the AARP magazine. During the interview, Tony revealed that he was officially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease four years ago. This disease mostly affects old people making them be disoriented and detached from reality. In severe cases, it makes one forget important people in their lives and familiar places. These signs did not show in this legendary singer until two years later after the diagnosis. According to AARP magazine, the disease has progressed, and this singer’s condition is worsening.

The magazine further explains that Tony is now showing some of its signs. For instance, during the interview, this singer seemed somehow unemotional but changed when his wife, Susan, put her hand on his shoulder. Although he is old and has been struggling due to the illness, his spirit is still high, and he is hopeful. According to his post on Twitter, Tony believes that his life is a gift even if he is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. He further appreciates his wife and his family members for supporting him through his sickness. This singer also appreciates the AARP magazine for letting people know about his condition. Tony’s wife has been this singer’s primary caregiver throughout his sickness. She has been good at this work due to her teaching background and the great love she has for her husband. In an interview with the AARP magazine, she revealed that she expects a lot from his husband, although he struggles due to the disease. Her husband tries to rise to her expectations and hence improving his condition. She further told AARP that she got a clue of Tony’s suffering in 2015 when Tony was 90 years old. During this time, Tony told her that he could not remember the people he sang with on stage and he needed medical attention.

Susan further explained that the illness has made his husband change a lot, and she misses Tony’s old version. However, she reveals that Tony’s singing has not changed even with the illness. This singer’s doctor, DR. Gayatri Devi, who diagnosed Tony’s condition, also shared positive news about this 94-year old singer’s health. She said that Tony has a resilient and versatile brain, even with a cognitive disorder. Also, this doctor referred to this singer as a sign of hope for people living with cognitive disorders. She further explained this by talking about the many things that Tony is doing even with his sickness. This neurologist also said that healthy old people could not do what Tony does. Tony has not stopped singing even with this illness; he still sings twice a week. Many doctors believe that this helps his brain stay alert, and they advised his family to encourage him to sing more often. Although he finds it hard to recognize what is going on around him and different objects, Tony still recognizes his family members. To improve his condition, his doctor advised him to rehearse at least two times a week and to sing as much as she can. Also, his fans are rooting for him and wish him to stay strong through his sickness.