For those American Idol fans, you don’t want to think any ill of those you might have voted for. However, those who voted for Antonella Barba in 2007. She has recently been convicted of possessing as well as distributing one of the most deadly drugs now on the streets; fentanyl police records show. Many wonder how this talented and acclaimed woman ended up in this situation as those who followed her since being one of the top contestants on American Idol. They watched as she continued to sing and act. The more she earned, the more she lost. This lead to her illegal ways to gain money. It’s hard to know when exactly she started to distribute the drugs.

These drug charges brought against Barba aren’t any small ones either. According to records, it is said that this once talented woman could spend at least if not more than a decade behind bars. Fans couldn’t be any more disappointed. The star has pleaded guilty to all charges they have against her. The sentencing date is coming up rather quickly as well. In the court reports, the blame is placed upon the tv show.

When wondering what could bring this woman to go down this path, when reporters spoke to her family, they all believe American Idol is the reason for her out-of-control life. If you look at Barba before she was a contestant, you would see a very down to earth nineteen-year-old with dreams and ambitions. She was empowered by her faith in God. She had a bright career as she even produced an album. However, the family says the show she appeared on and competed in ruined her. She was becoming a woman they didn’t even know even participating in wet t-shirt contests to name a few unruly behaviors they witnessed. This isn’t the first time fans have seen this whether it be someone who appeared on American Idol or some other show. This is all too common in the world of Hollywood. The fame and the glamour of it all are sometimes too much for those who weren’t raised in this lifestyle. Barba’s family stands firmly behind her. They don’t blame Barba for her actions. They blame the influence of the show which made her famous. Barba’s mother states how ambitious and driven her daughter was. She didn’t need to have a bunch of money because in the house she was raised in, they believed God could provide. It was said by her mother that at one point, Barba had wanted to be an architect. Now, these dreams are further from her reach with these very serious charges she’s now facing. Fans will be following the feeds as they learn of her fate as to how many years this once innocent woman will face.