An ordinary painting that hung on her grandmother’s wall, has unveiled much-hidden history and truth about a woman named Rose. Rose had never put much thought into an unusual family heirloom that was left untouched on her grandmother’s wall. The painting was brought to Antiques Roadshow where it was appraised as not just your ordinary painting. The heirloom was a painting of a Native American tribe leisurely walking down a mountainside and was hung above her grandmother’s bed. This painting had been passed by Roses’ ancestors as a piece of artwork that was never given much attention. Rose was unsure as to why the piece of art was kept within her family’s sacred belongings but she was sure to soon find out.

Rose had gone as far as believing that the artwork was given to her grandmother by her father after spending the summer at a dude ranch when she was 19. Hesitant to actually put effort into finding out, Rose guessed that the print was given to her grandmother sometime in the 1940s without checking the actual date. Rose was unsure about the whole synopsis of the art that she never really knew if the painting was an original piece of art or a reproduction of some kind. It wasn’t until a mosquito appeared under the glass that intrigued Rose to investigate the actual print. Once opening the artwork in her front yard, Rose uncovered the strokes of a deliberate brushstroke meaning this print could actually be an amazing find. Rose had decided to take the artwork to an appraisal shop to gain more clarity over whether it was authentic or not.

Antiques Roadshow was able to look over the print although the family has actually gotten the print looked over twice before. Rose stated, “In 1998 it was appraised as a print at $200. In 2004, it was appraised at $250.” Knowing that the artwork was not much of value-led Rose to believe it had to of been something precious to her grandmother. However seeing that the artist had indeed written the date, 1892, on the back of the painting along with his original painting. Rose decided to do a little further research and discover who H.F. Farny actually was. After much research Rose was able to discover that the Farny was a bit of an acclaimed in the latter half of the 1900s and was looked up to by admirers that had an interest in the like of Theodore Roosevelt as well. Rose found a statement where Theodore Roosevelt himself stated,” Farny, the nation owes you a great debt. It does not realize it now but it will someday. You are preserving for future generations phases of American history that is rapidly passing away.” The statement was shocking as it was Theodore Roosevelt speaking upon Farny, Farny who had originally painted a print that was now in the hands of Rose herself.

After uncovering the history behind Farny and his fascination with Native Americans, Rose knew she just had to get the print appraised one last time. Upon revealing the knowledge Rose discovered to an appraisal, Rose was shocked to discover the painting itself was worth a near estimate of $200,000 to $300,000 if sold in a live auction today. Rose was ecstatic about the print and had much trouble deciding whether to keep the material or sell it for a life-changing lump sum. After much thought, Rose decided to hold onto the painting until further notice due to the grand amount and her decision to continue college.