34 Years Ago, the first all-girl sextuplets in the world were born. After tirelessly trying to get pregnant, Graham and Janet Walton from Liverpool, England were tremendously blessed after all the trouble they endured in trying to get pregnant. They even resorted to obtaining several fertility treatments. However, after enduring unsuccessful, twelve rounds of treatments, they finally struck gold. Not only did Janet found out that she was pregnant, but she also found out that she was pregnant with six babies. One can only imagine the overwhelming joy that Janet and Graham Walton felt when they first found out about this amazing news. However, realism started to sink in because she had to be admitted to a hospital and watched closely under medical supervision. With six lives inside of her, she had a high-risk pregnancy. And at last, the six, healthy, baby girls were born on November 18, 1983, in Janet’s 31st week of pregnancy.

The names of the girls are Sarah, Jennie, Kate, Luci, Ruth, and Hanna. Upon their arrival, the world was so amazed that they made headlines as the Walton sextuplets and the first surviving set of all-female sextuplets. And even though this story made this family overnight celebrities, it was a challenging road for Graham and Janet Walton. Once one or two of the babies were satisfied, then another one or two of their babies, and sometimes even more, were crying. These parents were always busy cleaning, feeding, and spending quality time with all their girls, and thus, they had only a few hours of sleep every night. Additionally, with tons of food for the children, using up to 10,000 diapers during their first two years, constantly buying clothes due to them constantly growing, and more, life was definitely no picnic.

All-in-all, the sextuplets are now grown, successful, career women with one of them being a mom of one. With all the hard work, endurance, and devotion, Graham and Janet Walton’s parenting paid off. The Walton’s girls are doing very well, and Graham and Janet Walton are very happy and proud of their daughters’ achievements. The daughters’ achievements include the following:
• Hannah has several degrees, and she is a school teacher.
• Kate has a career in human resources.
• Luci works for a major airline.
• Jennie has a sweet shop business.
• Ruth works for a call center, and she is engaged.
• Sarah, who is the youngest, works at a medical center, and she now has the first family’s grandbaby named Jorgie who was born on October 7, 2014. The parents find it funny yet joyful that their daughter complains to them about her one baby waking up throughout the night. And so, they give her wise advice and hope she listens to it.