Sometimes life may seem dark and end up losing hope of a positive outcome. In the face of such storms, the only thing to do is to stay strong and persevere. The future is always bright for those who hold on for they smile at the end of it all. Temptations are there to taste our faith as well as making us strong, and God sends angels to save those who don’t give up and remain faithful throughout the journey. Also, being critically sick until you are put in ICU doesn’t mean it is the end of you for the angel of God usually comes at such a critical time, bringing complete healing. This proves that your life is in God’s hands and can save us anytime from anything, even when we have lost our hope in surviving. For criminals facing death sentences or life imprisonment, some may be saved at the last minute before they are hanged or after some years. This is a clear indication that we should always be optimistic about the future. Being born poor doesn’t mean we will end up poor since its God who has the final say about our future.

The same way human beings express their sadness or joy through emotions, and so do animals. Though the past generation used to think animals have no feelings, science has proved otherwise. According to numerous brain scans and lab tests conducted, the results have proved that dogs and other animals have a lot going through their brains than human beings. During his recent visit to the animal shelter, Bronwyne Mirkovich’s doubts on whether animals have feelings or not were cleared. Bronwyne’s objective of visiting the shelter was to find a friendly dog he could adopt. Though he intended to get a dog, it was not just any dog, but a perfect companion to spend his days with and be friendly to other family members. Edie, the dog that Mirkovich ended up adopting gave him an impression that it was the best friend he was looking for immediately he arrived at the facility.

Since many people nowadays shop their pets at breeders and pet stores, shelters are left with no option but to take down most of them. On a yearly basis, approximately 1.5 million animals are taken down. Aware of this, Bronwyne decides to be a Good Samaritan and save a life by adopting at least one dog. What Mirkovich didn’t know was that the dog he would save that day was to be taken down in one hour. The dog was none other than Edie. Edie was aware that his time was almost up after watching his fellow dogs being taken down. Since Edie was afraid of human beings because they used to kill the animals in the shelter, initially, it was unfriendly to Mirkovich. After realizing his intentions were pure, it ran towards him. Though Edie was initially stressed up, Bronwyne’s appearance brought happiness to the earlier depressed dog, acting as its savior. At the early hours, Edie’s savior wasn’t sure how the day would turn out, but luckily, it was one of his best days and was happy to have saved Edie’s life. To ensure you adopt a canine that meets your needs and resemble your personality, follow the Huffington’s post on choosing your best companion that will relate well with your kids.