Millions of people who live in the United States have already been vaccinated against COVID-19. However, the virus is still circling around the world as the Delta variant seems to be taking over. The number of cases in America alone are soaring day after day with no end in sight it seems. Many of the people who are now getting sick have not been vaccinated. This is one of the things standing in the way of life getting back to normal for the country. Gayle King is an anchor on a talk show and recently had an interview on CBS with Dr. Anthony Fauci. She talked about being irritated because there are so many people who have not been vaccinated and that until more people do receive the vaccine, the country likely won’t get back to a normal state of living. There are several members of King’s family who don’t want to get the vaccine. Because of this, she has had to make a few difficult decisions.

King is tired of telling people over and over again to get vaccinated and doesn’t know how many more times she needs to tell people. She wants others to know that the vaccine can save a life. Members of her family who aren’t vaccinated will be banned from her yearly Thanksgiving event. This is how strong she feels about the vaccine and its importance. King and several million people who live in the country have taken COVID seriously and are trying to do everything that they can to slow the spread or to try to stop it altogether. Some of these people will take part in social distancing and wear a mask but won’t get a vaccine. Roughly half of the people who live in the country have been vaccinated. This means that there are still millions who can become infected with the virus and keep spreading it to others.

While talking with King, Fauci reiterated that the vaccine is safe and that it can help with keeping people from getting the virus. Those who get the vaccine and happen to contract COVID will likely have symptoms that aren’t as severe as they would be had they not taken the vaccine. The goal is to get more people vaccinated as that’s the only way that the pandemic can get under control. Some feel that those who are unvaccinated just don’t care about their health or that of other people. King wants her family members to get the vaccine so that they can enjoy time together, especially for Thanksgiving and other holidays and special occasions. King didn’t want to leave her home during the pandemic, but now that she’s vaccinated, she feels safe in going to stores and enjoying life.