A lot of people stalk and kill their victims every single day but it is not often that they go on to confess to the crimes they have committed. Her real name was Jenae Gagnier but to the millions of people who followed her on only fans and IG, she was miss Mercedes Morr. The 33-year-old had fans from around the world but one of them opted to take it a bit too far. 34-year-old Kevin Alexander Accorto was an FL native who was known to be stalking her for quite some time but it seems no one thought it would end in their deaths. After a few months of not hearing from her, her father, Mark Gagnier, decided to check on her so he went to Houston to see if she was at her apartment. He first arrived there on August 29 but did not receive an answer when he knocked on the door. This is why he had to knock down the door and it was at this point that Kevin slit his own throat with a knife.

It seems he had been hiding out in her home for more than 2 days after stalking her and subsequently killing her. As he entered, he found both of them lying dead on the floor but he discovered more than just that in the room. It seems he had written a confession on the wall in lipstick. On the suicide note, he said he wished he never loved her and claims he should have stayed in FL. It is not clear just how he found out where she lives or how he was able to get in but authorities are looking into that as we speak. In the note, he also claims he was used though it’s not clear exactly what he meant by that. Mark told the press that Kevin seemed to have been camped out there for close to two or three days just based on the amount of writing on the wall. He went on to say there was blood all over the floor when he got there and that the whole scene came as a huge shock to him.

It is not yet clear how he got from TX all the way to FL but the cops are determined to find out as they continue to investigate this heinous tragedy. Reports seem to indicate that Kevin died just moments after Mark got into the apartment. He also found her home was in a state of disrepair which seems to indicate there had been some sort of struggle just prior to the murder. Her mom recently told the press how Saturday went by and when they got there, she was lying dead while some man was roaming around in there. The victim is now believed to have been killed back on August 28 as this was the last day any of her family or friends had heard from her. It is known that she had made a name for herself online as an IG model as well as being an only fans girl where she would release racy photos to anyone who paid for them. The investigation is still ongoing but hopefully, they can prevent these types of incidents in the future.