Bikers are often stereotyped as being a tough group of people. This is because they tend to wear leather vests or jackets and have loud motorcycles. Some have been known to have metal spikes on their bikes or on their person. Some people are afraid of biker gangs and don’t want to have anything to do with them. Bikers can be compared to pit bulls in that they both have a bad reputation in the eyes of those who see them but are really nothing to worry about in most situations. Many members of biker gangs have soft hearts and are ready to support anyone who might need help at any time. However, there are some bikers who are a bit aggressive and who are members of violent gangs.

A family in Minnesota discovered rather quickly that not all biker gangs are the same. A group stormed into the family’s neighborhood on their bikes as soon as they learned of a situation that needed to be addressed. Tracy’s son was in middle school and made a report that he was being bullied. Some of the other students in his classes started calling him names and were abusing him in other verbal ways. They soon started escalating their bullying tactics by physically assaulting him. They wrote names and slurs on the boy’s body in marker so that it wouldn’t wash off. This led to other students in the school picking on him. Tracy felt like she had no one to talk to about what was happening to her son. She started posting about her son being bullied online, hoping that someone would respond who could help.

Soon after Tracy made her post, a group of bikers turned onto the street the family lived on and looked for Tracy’s home. Since the bikers were dressed in leather and looked aggressive, Tracy’s son was a bit worried. He already had to deal with people in school who picked on him and made him feel bad. The boy decided to hide in his room while the bikers parked in front of his home and asked him to come outside. He opened the door and did as he was asked. When the boy saw the bikers, he knew that he didn’t need to be afraid of them. The bikers belonged to “Syd’s Angels Bikers Against Bullies.” They wanted to help the boy fight against the kids who were bullying him in school. Greg Carson, the leader of the group, gave the boy a shirt and let him know that there would always be someone available if he felt threatened or needed any kind of help. After the group prayed with the young boy, they took him for a bike ride.