President Joe Biden has recently come under scrutiny in the media and news. His recent choice of clothing has drawn criticism. President Joe Biden is sometimes compared to former President Barack Obama in regards to the way they both dress. Former President Barack Obama has mostly been held in high regard concerning his fashion choices. President Joe Biden has been known for his more casual and Americanized fashion choices including his signature aviator sunglasses. The two Presidents have a contrasting fashion styles at times. President Joe Biden recently wore a tan suit to give a speech and address the media. His outfit choice was met with sharp criticism. Joe Biden is not the first president to wear a tan suit, as Barack Obama has done so as well in the past. The tan suits worn by former President Barack Obama and President Joe Biden have both been called unpresidential. The fashion choices by both Presidents were surprising to many of the more conservative party members and conservative media outlets. The conservatives believed that the tan suits were not professional and not sending a message of being presidential. They felt it was very out of place and out of touch in regards to how a President should present themselves. They were very appalled and taken aback by Barack Obama’s odd fashion choice. Former President Barack Obama first wore his tan suit 7 years ago.

Many people on social media were also questioning President Joe Biden’s recent fashion choice. So, it was not only the media and the news but people on the internet as well. On social media platform Twitter, there was banter, jokes, and names people were calling this particular fashion incident. Many were in agreement that the fashion controversy could very well have been President Joe Biden’s planned and calculated intention. Many people were thinking that the fashion choice of wearing a tan suit by President Joe Biden was done on purpose. They believe that his choice to wear the tan suit was a jab at people who would be outraged by his fashion choice. Even news reporters and journalists were in agreement with the sentiment and proposed the idea of it being done on purpose by the President. They figured that the conservative news and media outlets would be heavily critical of Joe Biden’s tan suit. The journalist that was in agreement with the proposed theory was named Dan Rather. The journalist chimed in with other users on Twitter to share his thoughts on the matter.

Another proposed idea was that President Joe Biden’s tan suit was to pay homage to the former President Barack Obama. Former President Barack Obama after all was the first one to start the fashion trend of wearing a tan suit. It was recently former President Barack Obama’s 60th birthday as well. Having just celebrated Barack Obama’s birthday a few days prior, it makes sense that President Joe Biden chose to wear a tan suit. This proposed idea was brought up by various people on the social media platform Twitter. There were no comments by news reporters or journalists on this particular theory. It is still unconfirmed as to why the President wore the tan suit. There was also no comment by the President himself as well.