A man in Florida has been accused of the murder of his 3-year-old daughter. The incident in question occurred in Tampa on Tuesday and led to him cremating her body to try and hide all the evidence. Police are not quite sure what the motive is but it is believed that he was fighting with his wife over the fact that she did not want to wear a veil. This led him to get enraged and start beating up their daughter. Sources have said that he slapped her and when her mother objected to this, he proceeded to snatch the 3-year-old and push her to the ground. After she tried to rescue her child, he wound up throwing her out of the house and trying to cover up this grisly murder with the help of his family by cremating her and burying the ashes in the backyard. Why the rest of them went along with this heinous act is unclear but regardless, this is not the first time she has filed a complaint against her abusive husband.

In fact, it’s not even the second time. Reports show that she lodged a complaint against the man twice before but both times, she wound up withdrawing them. Officials have since said they are investigating this as thoroughly as they can but the perps have since fled the scene. In spite of this, the authorities are doing everything they can to track them down & bring them to justice but there is no telling how long this might take. The cops are confident that they can locate them & bring them into custody within the month but do not want to make any promises they can not keep. Interestingly enough, this is not the first time an incident like this has occurred. Last month, reports indicate there was a teen girl who was killed by relatives in Uttar Pradesh due to the fact that she would not wear the clothes that they wanted her to wear. You see, they wanted her to dress a bit more traditional but she insisted on sporting a more modern look. As such, her uncle pushed her down and she landed headfirst on a hard surface, killing her instantly as she hit the floor.

They then tried to dispose of the body by tossing her off a bridge. The authorities have since arrested her grandfather in connection with this heinous crime and are working around the clock to catch her two uncles still on the lam. The fact that this is the 2nd murder of its kind in 2 months has the police a bit concerned & they are doing everything in their power to ensure that they put the kibosh on this type of abusive behavior in the future. They think it’s too soon for it to be called a pattern but it does seem to be more common than it once was. According to reports, the woman and her husband would have frequent fights about the veil and this is believed to have led to the many complaints she filed over the years. The investigation is still ongoing at the moment but the police have assured all civilians that they will not rest until the murderer and his accomplices are brought to justice.