Every man and woman loves a good bikini photo. Obviously, the men admire a woman’s beautiful figure, and women love to think that with a little hard work and exercise they could look just as good. Celebrities know that bikini shots in warm tropical paradise locations are super popular on social media platforms. However, as the saying goes, “You can’t please all of the people, all of the time.

Fifty-four-year-old Salma Hayek has recently shared some great bikini images of herself. Most of her fans suggest she looks stunning, yet she is still getting some criticism. Some critics don’t appreciate her sharing so many bikini photos of herself at the beach. Some people just don’t appreciate seeing her great body for such a middle-aged woman. Despite the criticism, she doesn’t plan to stop sharing her pictures. Salma says she was on vacation. She loved taking the pictures and finds sharing these very real pictures of herself to be very liberating. She loves her fit body and loves sharing them with her fans. In fact, the criticism has made her want to challenge the critics. Over the years, Hayek has taken several bikini photos and now she has decided to start a collection and post them to her social media page. Some of her fans might get sick of seeing her dressed in a bikini but she loves showing off and wants to share her photos. Her fans might start thinking that she only wears bikinis. But she says, “The photos are all from the same location.”

Today, Hayek has about 18 million followers on Instagram. Her photos have been well received despite the critics. Each image has received more than a million likes. Even so, Hayek’s Instagram page is more interesting than just bikini shots. She also has a lot of photos of behind-the-scenes film sets and images of her at home.
Salma Hayek has made her way in life as a film actress in the Mexican and American film industries. She began in Mexico starring in Mexican television shows and later Mexican films. Her best film of this time of her life was Miracle Alley where she won an Ariel Award Nomination. Her breakthrough in American Film came with the role of Frida Kahlo in the biographical film she co-produced and starred in, a role for which she won an Academy Award. Hayek’s next project is a Marvel movie called Eternals where she stars alongside Angelina Joli and Kumail Nanjiani.

Hayek is also very active in philanthropic work. She works at increasing awareness of violence against women and discrimination against Latins. She has donated time and funds to shelters promoting wellbeing for women and for migrants. She doesn’t say she is a feminist per se because she doesn’t credit her success solely to being a woman but to many factors. However, she does believe in women’s rights issues and says that it is thanks to many beautiful women that she has achieved the success she has today.