The path to modeling stardom has changed in the last few years as social media platforms have become important scouting options. The days of models being identified by scouts in unlikely locations seem to be over. Kate Moss was spotted at an airport, but the latest generation of models is focusing their efforts on Instagram where they can build a following before hitting the big time.

The path to international modeling fame has been a fast track for Demi Rose Mawby of Birmingham, U.K. Demi Rose did not take the traditional path to modeling fame but saw her Instagram profile climbing all the time when the platform was a new piece of technology. During her career, Demi Rose has become a popular model with globally-recognized magazines and publications, such as FHM and World Star HipHop.

Demi Rose recently revealed that despite her global success and rising level of celebrity she has been battling with her body image for several years. The British model stated she has only recently found a way to feel happy with herself and the figure that has brought her so much attention. One of the main problems for Demi Rose came from her rapid rise to fame that pushed her from an unknown in the West Midlands of England to global stardom in a short amount of time. The model revealed she went from a normal young woman to one who was required to spend the majority of her time thinking about her appearance as modeling contracts began to fall into her lap. The media attention that has affected the mental health of many models, actresses, and celebrities reached a fever pitch when Demi Rose found herself romantically-linked to Kylie Jenner’s ex-boyfriend, the rapper, Tyga.

At the age of 25, Demi Rose can look back on her start in modeling and see just how far she has traveled from the 18-year-old who was studying at college when she started her Instagram profile. Even though her career has taken her in many different directions, Demi Rose believes her journey to feeling happy with herself and her body image. The model has revealed she has spent much of her career crippled by self-doubt based on her image as a model who is pushing the stereotypes of the profession.

Demi Rose admits she does not fit the stereotype of a catwalk model, but this has not stopped her embarking on a successful career. The self-doubt that caused the British model such problems through her early-20s began to evaporate in 2019 when the mainstream media began to tackle the issue of body shaming. The rise of Instagram models, such as Demi Rose Mawby has presented a challenge to the norms of the modeling industry and presented those rising to fame so rapidly with their issues. Demi Rose is showing young ladies who may not fit into the mainstream image of a model a glimpse into the life they could live when they become happy with their body image.
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