It seems as if in today’s world of technological advances nobody’s privacy is safe anymore. We see proof of this everyday on social media with different memes and posts. People seeking to find and share the humor they find in their day to day affairs. Sadly, its often at the expense of a stranger who typically is not aware of the situation.

These actions almost always have a negative impact on the unsuspecting victim whether it be physical or mental in nature. Something model Dani Mathers failed to take into consideration on the day she took a picture of a 71-year-old women back in 2018. She went on to add the caption, “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t” in a failed attempt at humor. Needless to say, the women in the picture did not take it as lightly.

Dani Mathers was later arrest and offered the choice of jail time or community service. 45-day prison term or 30 days of graffiti removal. Ms. Mathers wisely opted for the option of graffiti removal. However, when she went back in front of the Los Angeles judge who sentenced her, she had only amounted 56 hours out of the 240 she owed. This quickly prompted the judge to advise Ms. Mathers again on the seriousness of her charge and the jail time she will face if her community service was not completed. This moment changed Ms. Mathers manner of thinking fast. Choosing community service again over jail time Ms. Mathers would later reappear in court having completed her full 240 hour of graffiti removal.

Dani Mathers did state that she regretted her poor decision making on that day. Stating that it was a “stupid choice,” and that she realizes it was the wrong thing to do. Nonetheless, she doesn’t feel bad about her action’s consequences. They seem to have served her as new inspiration and motivation towards bringing more positivity to the world. She now knows the importance of thinking before one speaks and wants to spread the word. Good things can come out of bad situations, at least Dani Mathers would say so. Her sentence also carried terms of probation which would last up until 2020. Along with not being able to take unauthorized pictures of people for posting.

All in all, Dani Mathers has expressed being deeply sorry for her actions and continues to seek redemption. Ms. Mathers has since apologized to her victim directly. Nobody likes to be body shamed or made fun of, especially on such a large platform. Nor should they be. Dani Mathers had to learn this out the hard way unfortunately and it’s made her that much better of a person. A true blessing in disguise is what she may call it if you ask her.