We all want a little adventure in our lives or just the idea of something superb happening to spice our boring lifestyle. But nothing prepares Luiza and her crew on a fishing trip to the Bahamas for the adventure of a lifetime that they will get to enjoy. Taking a boat that Kenneth Christie takes charge of, the crew, which includes the revered Captain Jimmy Nelson sets sail from West End Water Sports for one more adventure.

The team doesn’t take the standard fishing poles, and instead, for what they intend to hook, a Hawaiian sling is more probable. The sling had come in useful once when they had to catch a Trigger fish as they have flat and an oval-shaped body. Captain Jimmy didn’t always get lucky with catching the fish. Once, the fish escaped with the rod in him and was only caught after the captain followed it to its demise before claiming it. They take a special glove that will be used for lobsters, and of course, a great pair of paddles and breathing apparatus will come in handy for what they intend to do.

Firstly, Luiza and the Captain set of looking for conch, animals found in shells and sometimes creep on the ocean floor. Captain Christie knows just the place to get them taking them, and there is a piece of cake for him. is one of the captains Jimmy’s many expertise and takes no time at all for him to get all the conch he needs. All the captain has to do to get down into the water and pick the creepers from the floor. In only 3 minutes, he has over a dozen conch. Next, they set off in search of Lobsters. Luiza, clad in a pink swimsuit, is ready to take the challenge. Although Capt. Jimmy prefers catching lobsters with his hands and only uses the Hawaiian sling to bring them where he can get them, Luiza seems to think otherwise. Taking with her the sling, she shoots a lobster and gladly comes back out to show off her catch.

Now, it was time to go and enjoy their catch and head towards Sandy Kew a small desolate island seems like the perfect place. With an aerial view, you could make out the whole island and catch a glimpse of them. He was taking the crustacean in one hand. Captain jimmy shows how best to get the catch ready and cook. He demonstrated the easiest way to get the conch out of their shells before removing the black parts, which he explains are not eaten and how to go about filleting a trigger fish. Since his knife was too dull, he decided to use a diver’s knife owned by his trusty.

Capt. Kenneth shows how to prepare conch salad using onions, tomatoes, cut up conch, and bell pepper. He then covered it with lime water to keep it fresh. Conch is a Bahamian specialty. That records all the fun Luiza had on this adventurous voyage, and perhaps everyone should try it.