Social media has become the hot spot for communication among people all around the world. People can communicate with as if they were right next door, and knew you personally. Celebrities receive much of their fan mail through social media, and they respond to news and events like they were family. This was the case for 28 year old Australian model Hannah Polites.

She eagerly kept her Instagram followers updated on the progression of her pregnancy by posting pictures on her page. While pregnant with her second child, Hannah had an extra large baby bump that many of her followers thought was too big. They expressed this concern to Hannah, and suggested that she was not taking proper care of herself. Being a petite woman, Hannah’s baby bump did appear to be abnormally huge, but according to Hannah, her baby, and her pregnancy, were perfectly normal. Hannah knew long before the birth of her second child that the baby was a big one.

When Hannah was expecting her first child, Evaliah, her followers were commenting about her belly bump being too small. They feared that she would have an unhealthy baby, but Evaliah was a healthy little girl. The second child, a little boy named Arlo, weighed one pound more than his older sister at birth. The excessively large baby bump was of no health risk for mother nor baby. After labor and subsequent birth of Arlo, Hannah reassured her followers that they both were well and healthy. She posted pictures of her before and after the birth where she was stunning with her prior to pregnancy body. The pictures to her followers were taken during her 36th week of pregnancy, and two weeks postpartum. Hannah had become accustomed to being criticized during her pregnancy by her followers who were only showing concern. Although she had no difficulties during her pregnancy, her skin did become somewhat drier than normal. She has always experienced itchy sensitive skin since she was a child, and she has been allergic to soaps containing chemicals her pregnancy seemed to make all these symptoms worse.

Hannah’s followers had been sending negative comments about her pregnancy since 2016 when she was pregnant with her first child. The comments addressed the fact that the followers were shocked at how small she was with Evaliah. They thought the pregnancy was unhealthy, so they started to assume that Hannah was not taking care of herself which could have a negative affect on the baby. They continued to send negative comments and to ridicule Hannah with such comments as the pictures that she posted proved that the baby just did not have enough room to grow. Hannah also received criticism for having a photo shoot for her labor that included her husband and daughter Evaliah while pregnant with her son Arlo.

Hannah wrote to her Instagram followers expressing how their negative comments and criticisms did not bother her and her family because she knew that her body could handle the growth of a baby regardless of the size. Hannah Polite is happy and excited about raising daughter and son, and is ecstatic about what will happen in her future. All she wanted to do was to keep her followers updated on her pregnancy, so she was prepared for what they had to say.