Most people work their entire lives with the hope of becoming rich. This may not happen to everyone, but it did not take long for Jem Wolfie to achieve such success. Jem was a chef who became an Instagram star an millionaire almost overnight.

Jem is from Perth in Western Australia who has over 2.5 million followers on the Instagram App she uses. She reports that she makes as much as $30,000 per day by selling photos and videos of herself to a website known as OnlyFans where famous people can interact with their fans directly. Jem became an chef after finishing her apprenticeship and leaving high school. She even played basketball with the Western Australia Basketball League which resulted in a knee injury in 2015.

After going to rehab for recovery, she gave some thought about going back to the league, and began posting videos of her efforts. She immediately became popular while increasing her followers that she started posting more videos of many things including her basketball trick shots. Her videos were originally meant to help her motivate herself and others who might need it, but the squats she did gave her an indication of what her followers wanted. She added some variety by combining her squats with fitness, and her popularity increased with people anxious to view her pictures and videos. She also shows pictures of her relaxing in her bathing suit, and doing her workouts.

Jem is trying to empower herself as well as others, so she does not post any nude pictures or videos. Her curves alone appeal to people of this century. They are paying $15.00 per month for the opportunity to access her videos and pictures which are different and rare than what was posted on Instagram. She gets a lot of enjoyment from inspiring others to be fit, so she does not want any controversial nude pictures to spoil that perception. Her fitness routines and the posts about basketball are meant to depict her inspirational side.

Jem Wolfie has come a long way from her days of being a chef and basketball player to being a famous Instagram star in Australia. By using exclusive content options, she has earned over $2 million in the last few months. Jem’s future looks very bright as she continues her postings on the fan favorite app. She has become an instant but unexpected star although this did not catch her off guard. She was preparing for some type of notoriety, but never imagined that it could be as great as it is.

Being a chef and a basketball player are both jobs that are in her past, but she can attribute basketball for allowing her to come up with some of her physical moves. Her fitness videos can be of help to athletes as well as everyday people. Jem is a positive example of creative innovation. She used technology to her advantage. Millionaires are not made everyday, but for Jem Wolfie, an accidental knee injury lead to a most promising career.