Many have seen her photos as a model on Instagram, but do you know who Antje Utgaard is. Antje Utgaard is a famous American model born in New Richmond, Wisconsin, in 1994. Her parents are Kimberly and Stuart. Antje joined high school in New Richmond and later joined the University of Minnesota, where she graduated in Fashion Merchandising.

Before joining modeling, Antje worked as a bartender. Antje started her modeling career in Los Angeles after her graduation. Unlike other models out there who are known to have many boyfriends, Antje’s love affairs are unknown to the general public. Her love is only known to her and those close to her. There are no gossips on whom she is dating as she does take pictures of herself with male counterparts.

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What would you expect from a model whose popularity grows daily? Her physical appearance befits that of a model. She is five feet sans ten inches, an appropriate height in modeling. Antje also has a perfect slim body that attracts many. Antje Utgaard’s physical traits have made her feature in several magazines, especially the famous Maxim and Chiv. Antje Utgaard is trending a lot on Instagram, with more than 1.8 million subscribers following her posts. Her Instagram posts will surely get more followers as she continues to trend daily. Antje has more talent than been an Instagrammer. She has an enormous following on Facebook, Snapchat, Vine, and Twitter, with her skits and funny videos streaming for more than 3 million times. All these posts are unique as they show her ultra-fit body curves, whose maintenance is through regular work out in the gym.

Antje Utgaard has reaped a lot from her modeling career. She is worth more than $400,000. All this wealth she has acquired through acting and modeling. She has been featuring in several movies and TV shows. Recently, she was trending as she was featuring in the popular Richy Show. Her popularity has made her feature in several brand adverts. Companies are lately competing to have her featured in media adverts. Antje is known to wear big-tied conspicuous white shirts and a fashionable hat. She likes traveling, and you will find her posting pictures of herself in exotic places. Most of her stylish photos capture her half-way dressed, which is common to all models.

Some images have captured her holding a ball while wearing football jerseys. In other pictures, she is seen in fitness mode while lying on a yoga mat outside. The unique one is the one that features her wearing a bomber jacket and jeans at the back of a motorbike. Antje Utgaard is not afraid of being natural and real in her endeavors. She has been rated by many magazines to have a bright future in her modeling career.