Social media and micro blogging have introduced a whole new way of building a career and a life for anyone that is interested in content creation, travel, modeling, and photography. Instagram influencer, Zienna Sone, is a perfect example of someone that has created her dream life in a new country through working on a social media platform. As an influencer, Zienna is able to harness the network she has built into paying gigs and a steady stream of income. Life in America is the dream for so many around the world who see life there as living the dream, especially once you have been able to create a successful enough career to support yourself and a family. Through her social media platform, Zienna has shared her journey with followers from the time she left Denmark all the way through her day-to-day life in America.

As a social media influencer, Zienna stays busy creating new content, taking photos, and modeling products and brands to her thousands of followers. From a new travel destination to life at home to little glimpses behind the scenes of her daily life as an influencer, Zienna’s success comes from giving her fan base an intimate look at what it takes to create the dream life for yourself. Zienna’s journey to life in America started as soon as she reached adulthood when she left her childhood home in Denmark. Life in America presented her with a myriad of new opportunities to feature destinations new to her and many of her followers.

As an Instagram influencer, Zienna Sone has amassed over five hundred thousand followers that are very enthusiastic and engage with every post she makes. The additional features on the platform allow Zienna to create even more content for her viewers to engage with, and more opportunities to book contracts with brands. As her influence grew, Zienna began earning more and more money through contracts with brands interested in sponsoring her use and promotion of their products. In addition to opportunities within the platform, Zienna has gone on to branch out and produce content and book gigs for modeling in more traditional mediums.

While modeling and working in fashion presents Zienna with a great opportunity, the Instagram platform is the best of both worlds for her. Through the medium, she is able to support herself through her followers by monetizing all the content she creates. Travel is first and foremost on her list of things she most wants to do and being granted access to some of the most luxurious and exclusive spots around the world because of her platform is a dream come true. What’s more, the platform and name that she has built for herself give her the opportunity to share those ideas, causes, and things that are important to her.