Surfing is one of the greatest leisure and sporting activities enjoyed by people living in coastal regions. For people like Holly Sue, also known as Daze Coffey, an Australian professional surfer, this might just be the best meal ticket. Ms. Coffey has been enjoying this outdoor activity for years, something that has earned her multiple sponsorships and endorsement from bikini swimsuit brands like Von, Zipper, Brandon Boards, Braking Wax and Billabong. Holly Sue has publicly made her love for the sun and beaches are known to her fans and admirers, totaling over one million on Instagram. As a professional surfer, Daze has been able to visit some of the best beaches in the world, including those in El Salvador, where she was able to get new sponsors for her career.

Holly’s background upbringing has a lot to contribute to her present success in her career. Coming from a family that loves to surf and going to the beach, she did not need much to convince them to support her professional surfing career. Her love for surfing was a build-up from her years of skateboarding while growing up. In the course of her career, Daze has been able to win several awards, including being selected as one of four surfers set to feature in the third Australian documentary. This documentary later became her stepping stone to greatness as it gave her a chance to participate in the Hurley Australian open surf competition. A completion designed to give a surfer limelight and a chance to advance their surfing career. Being a member of the Snapper Rock’s Surfrider’s club, Holly gracefully represented his club by winning the wildcard. This win opened doors for her in her career, giving her a chance to train with some of the best surfing coaches at the Australian’s performing arts for surfers. Her rise to stardom also presented an opportunity to meet world champion surfers, some of whom became her mentors.

The seasoned surfer is currently living on the Gold Coast in Australia, where she can enjoy an endless supply of waves, coupled with a beautiful beach. One thing she enjoys about her current residence is the hot summer climate, where she enjoys basking in the sun to get her tan on. She describes this place as one of the best places for surfers, bikers and even skaters to enjoy their trade. Daze rocks a sunlight bleached blonde lock look with a dark suntan showing her constant exposure to sunlight.

Her first home can be said to be the sea and Snapper beach. Holly credits her success in her career to hard work and dedication, something that is contrary to the fun videos and pictures on her social media handles that create an illusion of a fun-loving [personality who plays all day long. To make it in her career, Daze sought to conquer her fear of sharks. This prompted her to dive into the water with sharks. This experience helped her to overcome her fears. She also learned that shark attacks are rare, and most sharks are harmless to humans unless provoked.