Spunky and sassy Alana Thompson became a household name as a small child; called “Honey Boo Boo” by her mom June, Alana was a reality star with a devoted following. At age 16, Alana – who says she no longer wants to be known by her nickname – still has quite a following although she’s no longer featured on reality television.

In a recent Teen Vogue interview, Alana stated that she no longer wants to be associated with her mother’s reality show. However, her fans are buzzing about her alleged love life. At sixteen, Thompson finds herself in a relationship with an older guy – and her fans are concerned. The couple made their relationship Facebook official in March of this year, and Thompson’s fan base has sounded off. They cite the four-year age difference between the two as a reason for concern. After all, Thompson is still in high school while her supposed love interest is twenty years of age and a former college student.

Dralin announced on his Facebook page in March that he was “in a relationship;” around that same time, Alana posted a picture of the couple together on her private social media page. It didn’t take long for fans to catch on, and they overwhelmingly disapprove. Thompson’s alleged love interest is Dralin Carswell; he was enrolled at a technical school in Nashville before the pandemic. His current student status is unknown. It is reported that he moved to Georgia to be near Alana and her sister, known to viewers as “Pumpkin.” It is widely reported that Pumpkin approves of her little sister’s love life. She has been quoted as saying that Dralin is like a part of the family. Several witnesses state that Dralin and Alana seem to be “joined at the hip;” you won’t see Dralin without Alana, and vice versa.

Alana’s fans have taken to social media expressing concern about the four-year age difference as well as the fact that Alana is still legally a minor. However, sources say that Alana’s sister and legal guardian, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon fully approves of Dralin in her sister’s life. Fans have tweeted “Honey Boo Boo is sixteen (years old) dating a twenty-year-old college student and her older sister approves of her relationship. Someone take the little girl away from that family fr fr (for real, for real).” Other fans have shared much the same sentiment. Some insinuate that Dralin’s intentions are not pure where Alana is concerned.

However, while some fans may question Dralin’s motivations for the relationship, Alana’s sister approves, and, there is no evidence that Dralin has done anything that would break Georgia law, which states that the age of consent in the state is sixteen. Let us know your thoughts on Honey Boo Boo’s relationship.