Some people wouldn’t be able to fit everything they own inside a trailer that’s 15 feet in length. An elderly woman named Sharon did just this thing, and it’s been the best decision that she’s made. While working as a pharmacist, she enjoyed meeting people and interacting with them. However, being on the open road instead of living at home or being in a pharmacy all day has given life new meaning and has made her even happier. Since Sharon made a decent living while working in the pharmacy, she was able to save a good bit of money to put toward her purchase. When Sharon retired, she started to focus on a passion that she had grown to love over her years of working. Sharon enjoyed traveling but didn’t get to go anywhere as much as she wanted. She purchased a trailer that she could pull behind her Jeep Wrangler and started making her way across the country.

Sharon found a trailer that’s only 1,700 pounds. Due to it being lightweight, it’s easy for Sharon to pull the trailer behind her vehicle instead of purchasing a truck. The lighter weight also keeps her from burning a lot of gas while she’s traveling. After paying a good price for the trailer, Sharon now sees it as an investment for staying happy as she’s always on the road unless she’s camping. The trailer is green and has a 135-watt solar system that makes it a bit easier for powering the interior, especially when she’s not near an electrical connection at a campsite. The panels can easily be folded and put away when they aren’t needed. One detail about the camper is that it’s about five feet, nine inches at its highest point. This means that there are some people who might not be comfortable inside the trailer.

Since Sharon isn’t too tall, the trailer provides a comfortable space for her to stay in when she’s not driving. She has a desire to visit her favorite places and to explore as many new locations as possible. Amenities in the trailer include a small bathroom and a kitchen. There’s also an air conditioner and a fan in the ceiling. Sharon also has a place for television so that she has something to do when she’s not driving. She has been on “CheapRVing” and has shown the inside of her trailer to viewers so that they have a better understanding of how she lives when she’s not behind the wheel of her Jeep. There have been over 1 million views of the video that Sharon has posted online since 2016 with many seeing her living conditions before Instagram and TikTok got started. Sharon also allows people to take a peek inside her trailer while she’s stopped at a campsite or when she’s not busy.