You’d think after all the times people have lost their jobs for doing sex acts on zoom, people would have learned their lesson about that by now but it seems this is not the case for one teacher at Shady Grove middle school in Maryland. Marc Shack has been one of their TAs or aid to the students for more than 2 decades but this may soon come to an end after being caught jacking off on a zoom call in front of his 8th-grade students. He was the host of the zoom meeting at first but soon gave up the role when another person took over. He has since been put on administrative leave but no charges are set to be filed against him due to the fact that it is not classified as a crime in the state of MD. Despite his claims that it was an accident, he has since been removed from the classroom & it is not known if he will ever be permitted to return. The act occurred just after history class on a Monday afternoon.

In a recent statement, he made it clear that he thought he was logged out when he was going to town on himself & that he would never knowingly do it in front of any of his students. He later referred to it as crazy behavior & it has since come out that the video was just 13 seconds long. In the vid, you can see him stand directly in the eye of the camera before taking a few steps back & performing the act. He later went on to say it was merely a mistake on his part & told reporters he is only human. It seems he did not learn about what happened until he was informed about it at school just 2 days later. In a recent statement, he claims to not be a pervert & said that he never meant to expose any of his students to that type of vulgar act or harm the kids in any way, shape, or form in class. He went on to say he had no clue he was still on the camera.

The principal of the school, Alana Murray, recently issued a press release in which she confirmed that one of their staff had been engaging in behavior that was inappropriate as part of an 8th-grade history class. It is not yet clear whether or not he will be fired as a result of this but it may not be long before they have to if the parents are quick to express backlash. One of the spokeswomen for the school has said that the act was quite sexual in nature. The MCPD has been made cognizant of this video & they are now working to investigate this as thoroughly as possible. Schack said that the school called him to tell him he was being put on administrative leave & also said they had failed to find his background check file. This would seem to indicate they are deciding whether or not to fire him as they look into his past. No word yet on what will become of him but it seems likely he may need to start looking for a new job soon.