Regardless of their denomination, many clergy members hide behind the church and commit wrongdoings in this world today. It is mind-boggling how clergymen such as pastors, preachers, priests, and rabbis break the laws of God and the laws of the land and often get a slap on the hand because they are so-called leaders of the church. You would think that these individuals would be judged more sternly by the law because they know better. An example of this is in the case of a former pastor by the name of David Richards. Mr. Richards was convicted for rape and incest. He raped his teenage daughter for two consecutive years before he was caught and prosecuted.

Rape is a crime in the eyes of God and the eyes of the world. Incest is also a crime in the eyes of God. However, a judge took it upon himself to judge Mr. David Richards on his standards instead of judging him according to the laws of the land. The judge’s reasoning for giving David Richards leniency was because he was a supposed man of God. The people of the jury made the right decision and they did hold the former pastor David Richard accountable by sentencing him to 72 years in prison for what he had done to his daughter. The judge, who goes by the name of Judge Sword, decided to go against the jury’s decision of 72 years. He sentenced David Richards to only 12 years in prison. Judge Sword’s reasoning behind this sentence was because Mr. Richards became a jailhouse pastor who leads a bible study group for the inmates.

Unfortunately, David Richard was charming enough to sway the judge’s sentencing decision in his favor because the judge thought that the bible study teachings in jail for inmates were admirable. I am assuming some people may agree with the judge’s decision. I am also assuming that most people will find this disturbing that a judge would allow a pastor to commit sexual battery, incest, and rape on his daughter and not be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law because he is held bible study for other inmates. Did Judge Sword consider the victim Amber, who is Richard’s adopted daughter. Did Judge Sword ask himself was this premeditated? Did David Richards adopt a young teenage girl that he can rape and molest? These definitely should have been questions that the judge should have asked himself before giving David Richards that light sentence. Most importantly, he should have considered Amber the victim whose life is now in shambles. Despite what Amber had gone through, this young lady had the guts to face her accuser and let the judge and the jury know that she feared that David Richards would abuse more young girls if he walked the streets again. This young lady begged the judge to lock David Richards up and throw away the key, but her pain did not resonate with Judge Sword. It is stories like this that make most Americans wonder if the judicial system is more about social status or justice.