Pets often become our most cherished companions. Only pet owners would understand when someone says they would do whatever was needed to keep their pet healthy and safe. But have you ever seen someone put themselves in real danger to defend their pet? Have you ever seen someone really take that need to protect so seriously? Here we tell you the story of a man that was definitely brave enough to stand up to danger to protect his pet dog.

A foothills man proved himself and his love for his dog when he stepped in front of danger to protect his dog. Carl Moore, 73 years old of Place County, came face to face with immediate danger when he tried to protect his chihuahua dog from a bear. Although Moore does not scare easily and he has seen a skirmish or two over his lifetime he has never had to come face to face with a bear. Outside of his home, he saw that his dog was in danger. Instead of calling wildlife officials or running for safety, he went right in and punched the bear in the nose. It was early April, Moore had opened the back porch door to let the dog out to play. He suddenly noted that his dog started crying and yapping. When he looked outside he saw that his dog was staring down at a large black bear. Carl quickly ran outside screaming and flaying his arms. “Get out” he yelled at the top of his lungs. The screams didn’t seem to phase the bear. The bear turned toward him and he swung the hardest punch he could muster. The bear turned and left.

People who know Carl believe he is capable of hitting a bear. When John Sargent, a 25 year friend, was asked if he believed Carl would go up against a bear to save his pet, he said, “You better believe it.” Carl is an ex-Marine and he is definitely a pro at the barroom brawl. This encounter was not the first time Moore faced danger. As a Marine, he learned to be a man who never turned away from a fight. He said he was not going to sacrifice his baby for a stupid bear. It was a hard hit to the muzzle and the bear ran back to the woods. A bear has never appeared in Carl’s yard since then. Carl was so mad, and he continues to say that if the bear returns he can expect more of the same type of treatment. Nothing is going to get between him and his baby dog. It is a show of true dog lover’s love. The things we will do for our pets can sometimes be truly amazing.