It is amazing what some people will do to change the way they look isn’t it? Some people spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery. Some women spend money on fillers and some do just a little while others completely change the way they look as in the example of Anastasiia Pokreshchuk. Pokreshchuk decided she wanted the largest cheeks in the world and set out to get them. Was it an Instagram ploy to get more followers or does she really believe she is gorgeous? Who knows, that is up to Anastasiia and her followers.

Anastasiia Pokreshchuk who is 32 is addicted to facial change. She has used fillers for a number of years, but recently learned to administer them herself, and shows on her social media profile how she administers filler to her face herself. She is reported to have used about $2000 worth of filler and put the stuff into her own face. In her video, she does admit that the process can be dangerous, especially if you do it yourself. Now the Instagram model looks completely different, almost cartoon-like. But apparently, she enjoys the way she looks and believes it is successful. She also hopes to place fillers in other parts of her body like her breast. Currently, Anastasiia has more than 200,000 social followers and is often asked things or has comments made about her looks. She has even been asked about when she will use filler on her breasts and behind. She Wanted The World’s Biggest Cheeks. That’s what she got. The results are not that attractive but she believes she is gorgeous this way. She wants to have other alterations but does not like silicone implants. She would rather have fat pumped into her body from other parts of her body, she says.

The social media star has hundreds of thousands of followers but most people say she looked better before she changed her looks. She realizes that her cheeks look weird, but she likes them. Before she made the change she did not feel confident in herself and had a hard time posting pictures of herself on the internet. She didn’t like anything about herself, her looks, her voice. It was horrible. Both she and her mother think she looks exotic and her friends say that she looks better. Some people think she is ugly but Anastasiia just laughs the comments off and continues on her way. Many people believe this is just one more ploy an influencer will use to get more followers. It could be dangerous, may cause facial problems, but Anastasiia, her mother, and her friends believe the change is much better than her original looks. You be the judge and tell us what you think.