Do you have any dealbreakers? Do you have some things you just can’t put up with, especially before a wedding? Well, you are not alone. A woman’s fiancé was watching porn mere days before her wedding, and she wasn’t having it. She canceled everything! She didn’t make the decision lightheartedly given she was very excited to tie the knot to the man of her dreams. What exactly happened to spoil such a quality pair, you may ask? It was reported that in the week before the wedding, she found the groom searching for porn on the web. Some women wouldn’t be bothered, but she felt the groom-to-be acting in a way that was unfaithful by searching for porn on the internet. That is a huge feeling to have considering the week was just a week away, so she followed her gut and canceled everything before it got worse. The woman reports being bashed by the internet for her religion, personality, values, mind, writing, experiences, dreams, and anything else that makes up any human. She believes everyone has the right to their own opinion, but she just wishes there weren’t so many rude comments coming after her wellbeing and attacking her character.

The woman behind it all would like the world to understand the reasons behind canceling her entire wedding due to her fiancé’s pornographic search. The argument is approached in different lights, but she addresses the religious aspect of the argument first. She expresses love for her religion, and frequently church. She’s been battling cult stereotypes even though she believes in a common god. She reportedly values abstinence from sexual relationships before marriage. One of her core values just so happened to be disgraced a week before her wedding, and she didn’t the only best thing she could have done in order to stay faithful to herself and her religion. She thinks what her husband did was not a mistake, but an error in sexual promiscuity. His actions show that he was looking for pleasure outside of their relationship, and that showed her that he would not make a good husband for her.

In defense of herself, she respects those who criticize her and says she jumped ship. She believes that when you are in a relationship, there are a set of god’s laws in place that both have to obey. If those are violated and disregarded like they don’t exist, then the love doesn’t either. She makes a point to drive to push that fact that they were not married yet, and that it wasn’t her job to fix him. The woman believes that it was his job to fix himself and be more dedicated to his relationship with God. The decision she made was very hard on her, especially considering most of the wedding planning was already done by the date of cancellation. Over 300 invitations were mailed out already, and they had to call every person on the invite to notify them that the event was canceled. Her decision was brave, but she receives a lot of backlash over it. She’s happier now that she dodged a bullet, and put herself and her relationship with God before all else.