While out dining with her family, Katie Leach received a nasty note about her ten-month-old son that read their dinner had been ruined with his screaming. A native to Nampa, Idaho, Leach described her son’s new behavior as yelling. She posted on Facebook about how he would yell whenever she told him, no, or if he became excited about something, he would yell. The same behavior occurred when Drew was happy or for no particular reason. She posted that she did her utmost to train him to lower his voice and not scream back at her, but he was still in the learning phase, being only a toddler.

In her post, she said that they were out at the Texas Roadhouse in Nampa when her son started screaming. Then he would stop and start up again. His yelling began when people sang happy birthday. He even screamed at the local waitress when he wanted to say hello. Everyone tried to calm Drew down and for most of the time, it worked but being around so much commotion affected him. He wasn’t yelling because he was angry, but because he was happy.

During their meal, two people whose ages were between the 50s and 60s slapped a note on a table between Leach and her son. The women went back to their table that was behind where Leach sat. The note thanked her for ruining their dinner with her screaming child and then added sincerely we are behind you at the end.