There are some situations that occur that simply bring tears to one’s eyes. Unfortunately, there are events that happen in the world that are unfair to those who are left behind. Someone can go through life doing everything the right way and being a good person and still receive a fate that isn’t deserved. Even though these situations do take place, it’s the lessons that are learned in the process that can be taken from them as well as staying safe before and during the situation. Most of the time, parents give their children good advice. As much as it’s good to hear and should be heard, children sometimes don’t take the advice that they’re given to heart. Instead, things could go wrong.

As with many little girls, one listened to what her mother said. Although it’s a story that other families have experienced, it’s important to know the details so that families can try to prevent the events that happened. Someone could do everything that they are told to do by their parents and take every precaution necessary and still encounter issues that result in something very bad happening. The story of this girl is one that can leave ripples across the lives of many other people instead of just her own. Although it’s a fictional story, it’s one that could happen at any time.

A daughter wrote to her mother explaining that she went to a party. She let her mother know that she remembered everything that was said to her. Instead of drinking, she had soda at the party. The girl was proud of the decision that she made. She also explained that she didn’t drink and drive, just like her mother told her. Other people at the party suggested that she should drive after drinking though. The party ended, and everyone left. As the girl started to pull out of the driveway, another car hit her. She was on the pavement and heard people talking. An officer stated that the other driver had been drinking while driving. The girl is on the pavement dying while thinking about her mother. She wished her mother would get to her soon but knows that it probably won’t happen. As the girl’s blood spreads across the pavement, a paramedic tells others that she will soon die. She wanted her mother to know that she didn’t drink and that it was the other people who had been drinking. The other driver could have been at the party, but he was the one who was drinking and driving and not her. However, she would be the one to die. She asked her mother why people drink while feeling sharp pains. The girl told her mother to make sure her brother doesn’t cry and that the rest of the family should be brave. She asked her mother why she was the one to die if she didn’t drink and drive.