It’s easy to see how there might be racism that occurs in history class or maybe even the humanities but you wouldn’t think it’s something you’d have to worry about in your math class. Parents of some of the 8th grades at Burns Middle school are outraged at the fact that one of their teachers gave them a math quiz that was overtly racist. One of the parents was so enraged by this that she took a picture of it and posted it on social media for the world to see.

It was not long before the photo went viral as they were quick to understand just how racist the test really was. For starters, the test asks all of the students to write down the name of their crew or gang. It then delves headfirst into the racism by asking them a lot about gangs and firearms and using names that are most often associated with African Americans.

The 1st question talks about Ramon and the fact that he likes to do drive-by shootings while the 2nd talks about a kid named Leroy selling cocaine on the street. It then goes on to talk about a guy named Dwyane who serves as a pimp and a guy named Raul who is trying to cut some of the cocaine he just bought. The school was quick to take action against the teacher as they put her on indefinite leave for the heinous test she administered to her students.