Some terrible actions, especially towards our family or society, usually deserve an instant dose of karma meted on such culprits. One such incident involved a man who dared to kick out her granny, but karma got to catch up with his ill actions. In this case, the culprit is a laborer to one of the most famous eateries in Tribeca, situated in Manhattan as a dishwasher.
Marc Gomex was captured in a video attacking and kicking his old granny, particularly in the head. The dishwasher in the Tribeca celebrity restaurant and his granny used one of the public transportation services in New York when the ugly incident happened. According to the video captured, marc Gomex gets seen to start abusing the fairly old lady who is holding on to the strap to maintain stability in the moving vehicle. Such a scenario was a clear indication of violet intention, and Gomex had on the old granny.

Based on the recorded evidence presented to the police, they were quick to identify other persons who were willing to volunteer and identify the culprit as they testify on what transpired. 0one of the person who played a crucial role in identifying Gomex was a fellow worker as Franchette, a famous eatery in Tribeca. Based on all the evidence presented, the area police gathered all the necessary evidence to take Gomex to custody. Yet another worker also identified Gomex at Franchette who was taken aback by what he saw in the video, Gomex attacking the old granny. He could not believe his eyes as the well-mannered and mild Gomex turned violent in public. The video evidence was so compelling that anybody who knew Gomex could not deny that it was him captured in the act. Despite Gomex being a friend to may, they could not defend his ill-mannered actions captured in the violent video.

Marc Gomex was not captured by authorities immediately as it took themselves also days of kip tracing before he got waylaid at his workplace and immediately got handcuffed. Marc Gomex was charged and prosecuted for beating up his old granny who was 78 years old while traveling in a New York City train. The above-referenced incidence took place on March 10. Marc Gomex fiancée went ahead to defend Gomex with claims that he got promoted to a restaurant manager level and was the lead chef. Alexia Cox went on to claim that Gomex was in charge of overseeing other employees in his workplace. He has quite a considerable amount of power at Franchette, according to the fiancé. Based on the evidence presented, it was evident that Marc Gomex was lying on quite a considerable amount of things, mostly regarding his employment status. According to the Franchette restaurant spokesman Gomex has never held any managerial position as a chef or otherwise but he was just an ordinary dishwasher. The Franchette eatery spokesman revealed that Gomex was immediately terminated based on the video evidence and the subsequent arrest that followed and he no longer works in that establishment. Franchette eatery expressed their embarrassment for being associated with marc Gomex to cover up for the bad publicity brought about by their employee. The restaurant organized a public event dubbed star-studded. The restaurant proprietors Justin Theroux and Lucas Hedges were in the frontline to issue compelling statements via the New York Post.