A successful couple is the one that upholds the wedding vows no matter the challenges they encounter. The vows are kept by showing respect, honesty, kindness, forgiveness, love among other qualities. Michael J. Fox is a famous actor since 1988 when he acted in a movie called Back to the Future. He married a beautiful actress called Tracy Pollan and vowed to love her forever, and stay with her in times of heath and sickness. Over the 30 years, he has lived to that promise. Michael met Tracy in 1985 during the auditions of a famous TV show called Family Ties. They spent three happy years together, and Michael relished this period of being a husband. However, in 1991, when he was 29 years old, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. The health challenge threatened their marriage because he started drinking instead of seeking help, love, and care from his family. Michael was isolating himself from them. Things got worse when Tracy Pollan found Michael on the floor at night, and she discovered the need for him to straighten up before things could run out of control. Tracy confronted him with serious questions about the vision he had for life.

After that situation at the door, Michael publicized his illness status. He went on to establish a foundation that could reach up to a billion people living with Parkinson’s Disease for more research. For many years, he declared that his wife was the strong pillar on which he was built. She stood by him even during the difficult spells in life when he was about to give up because of the disease. This made their marriage relationship stronger, and so now they have four kids: Sam, aged 29 years, Aquinnah and Schuyler, twin daughters aged 23 years, and Esme, the youngest daughter, aged 16 years. These children disclosed some family secrets and the reasons why the marriage has lasted for a long time. Michael J. Fox said that the diagnosis brought him closer to his lover, and also, they bonded more to discover that they have similar upbringing and values. They come from big families and are in the middle of the lineage. The two are humorous, and Pollan believes that they have succeeded to counter the challenges in the world because of the unity and the similarities.

Tracy Pollan believes that having Michael Fox assuming that she does the best has been the secret to their extended marriage, joy and, happiness. Fox advises other couples that marriage is kept by determining the best things in yourself to celebrate and never forget them. Pollan shares a similar opinion and she optimistically admits that Michael has done a lot for the family, kids, and her. Even though the two couples are almost similar, Michael does not mind about the future challenges, but Pollan does. However, this suits them pretty nicely. Fox does not mind about the uncompleted tasks since Pollan steps in to handle the situation. Working at Hollywood comes with challenges especially for couples. You realize that many people in the industry cannot strike a balance for the professional and personal lives. However, Michael and Tracy have managed the situation nicely. They are a blueprint of how Hollywood actresses and actors in marriages should carry themselves and withstand the test different times pose.