Sometimes, people are quick to judge others as per their beliefs and ideologies without understanding, giving them a chance to explain themselves. Hearing what one has to say will help you judge on facts, not speculations. Mike Pence, the American 48th Vice President, is the victim of such speculations. Pence has been accused of hatred towards the Black society, just because he has never been heard saying, “Black Lives Matter.”

While it’s true Mike Pence can’t find himself pronouncing Black Lives Matter, as he admitted in his recent interview with CBS News hosted by John Dickerson, it is not because he hates black people. He has a different reason and understanding of the phrase “Black Lives Matter,” which makes him refrain from using these words. According to Pence, he believes the Black Lives Matter Movement has been politicizing the act of hatred towards other races. The movement has been attempting to take away the police’s right to do their duty which is making sure every lives matters while also protecting them by any means necessary.

The Vice President continued saying that using violence against anyone who opposes this ideology will only worsen things, and he understood there are issues with the black community that need to be addressed. However, he believes that Black Lives Matter is not the answer, and instead of saying these words, one should use action which will bring about a result such as giving them equal rights without taking any from anyone else. Therefore, Pence replaces the phrase with “All Lives Matter.” Finally, in his last statement on this issue, Mike Pence said being silent on some topics doesn’t mean you hate someone or a group of individuals. It just means that you disagree with them and understand the issue better than they do, which is why your opinion matters more to solve it.